Research & Development

With that philosophy in mind the company though small with small budget, is continuing to research and develop products and system to achieve the following:

With the above concept in mind we have with technical collaboration of our Swedish associate developed the following equipment locally.


    This was developed after 10 years research by Professor Gunnar Weijman-Hane of Sweden. It has dramatically reduced space requirement and at the same time with laminar flow produces high degree of separation of solid from the suspension by employing counter-current principle.


    This has done away with noisy, expensive BLOWER normally required in biological treatment system. It sucks air through AIR STRIPPNG DEVICE while water is pumped through it.

    With modified techniques internationally employed, experience of local conditions, and the above two components we are able to produce system.

    • Easy to operate/ easy to maintain
    • With least cost
    • Long life over 25 years
    • Low O&M cost