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authority, and the local rate under the acts repealed by this act as if this act had not
" An additional advantage of Papoid (in diphtheria) is that it helps Nature to digest whatever food there may be
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Curator of the M utter Museum and Custodian of the College Collections
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9 we didn't want to do it because the market was going
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his investigations — apple-trees, pear trees, &c. — has furnished almost
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I immediately examined the stables from which they came, and the
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same occupation, except for immediate slaughter, and according to regulations to be
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pepsin only in a dilute acid solution." (Morton, on Leg Ulcers, read before Philadelphia County Medical Society.)
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20 with him with regard to AHDA's unwillingness to move
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NAVED; Marie Witham, President of Society for Visual Education;
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further noticed under the heading consolidating orders.
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20 microlending programs; that would have been the only
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Walker's " Complete Book of Records," and you need it Just out;
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13 Lasater, you said you directed someone to look to see
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three additional tests on the kodak mund E. Day, Dr. Willard E. Givens,
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5 Arkansas Development Finance Authority and Lasater &
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8 this lawsuit, against ~ who would bring the lawsuit
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( jl Berlin, after long experimenting in its laboratory by its staff of chemists,
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Mr. Evarts sent me a copy of a telegram which he forwarded on the 1st instant to
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bryos of the whipworms ( Tricooeplialus dispar). Long before Dr. Fletcher,
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retary of the Treasury of the United States to collectors of customs and otliers.
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1947. Prickett, John A., Warrington, Bucks County, Pa.
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3 talking more about the location than the workout.
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i contributed more to public education than we realize. So often we take
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represent as messages from Mr. Hubbell's message pad,
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Sulphite Soda . . 1 gr. I Powd. Capsicum . 1-10 gr.
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19 Clinton arranged for a state agency to lease space
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