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horses in this county was glanders. It was confined to one farm, and

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comity is the so-called cholera among hogs. Occasionally the black leg

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told me earlier that the governor had come to you and

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1 1 paragraph a discussion where I did feel that there

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authorities, rating, remission of rates, and borrowing, and matters connected there-

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pression. For the class as a whole, all can see the large, projected lighted pictures

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22 all through this. 1 mean, we have spent hours here

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17 building, to look at it as a possible leasing space

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bacterium coli commune). Bull, et mem. .Soc. nii d. d. hop.

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very heavy and quite solid). Just before tlio cows die they are killed and sent into

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nmeteen of the act of 1869, any animals being at any time within such port shall not

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1 recognize the BC and the Betsey and the slash, but I

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19 need to be aware the Arkansas rules changed at some

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The food thus vomited, or, in other words, coughed up, sometimes gains entrance into

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devoted cbielly to the art and science of aua?stbesia. I'itts-

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discovered. You've testified as to your recollection

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16 it be for a specific project or did you attend just

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lot of river frontage property. If my memory serves

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18 October 1986, what was your employment position?

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5 it. And I have seen that memo. And it surprised me

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12 document or two and it had probably been on just a

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Public Opinion, the eclectic weekly, of Washington,

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Himitington.— Some hog cholera prevails here every year, but the losses

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Whitewater but won't release unless President Clinton

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of the wall between 321 and 322 have been removed so

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1 renovated and brought out of the slum, so to speak,

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4 think it was, wasn't it? That information was given

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8 with more development that would come into the area,

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WILLIAM PEPPER, M.D.,LL.D., Professor of Theory and

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19 discussions as it relates to this op ed, but this was

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niss der assncial ivi-u Wiikuiii; der Bacterien. Iiiteniat.

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cliolera during the past year. But sliglit losses have occurred among

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22 telling him he needed to call Paul. 1 don't recall

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tlje commercially prepared glass. Use an abrasive such as cartjorundum

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