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INDICATIONS.— Amenorrhea, Dysmenorrhea, Leucorrhea,

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once in five years by epizooty. These diseases are not very fatal. We

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The 127th Annual Winter Session will begin Monday, Oct. 3d, 1892, at 12 M., and continue 7 months.

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Discussion opened by Dr. G. P. Conn, chief surgeon C.

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Medical Argus. A monthly journal of medicine, surgery, and col-

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19 either of the Clintons prior to March of 1994 about

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1. From a medical aspect; (a) permanent injuries; (b)

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of any cattle imported under this order, that the declaration accompanying the cattle

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Arkansas Development Finance Authority, Wooten Epes;

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here, resting and feeding for at least twelve hours, they are examined

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structive. Farm animals generally are in a healthy condition.

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14 I've called him a time or two to check on how he was

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fited the farmers hereabouts in giving them information concerning the

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proper; and further, there are evidences amounting to a certainty, in

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cil, to dig up, or cause to bo dug up, the carcass or any part of the carcass of any

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