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1790 Broadway, New York 19, N. Y. ; United Nations Information Office, 610 Fifth
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21 were trying to make a determination as to whether or
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Entered as Second-Class Matter at Philadelphia P. O.
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peutical Researches in the Diseases of the Genito-Ur-
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3d. In exposing this fluid to heat, that should be carried to 140° T.
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9 the guarantee, the thousand dollars, the preparation
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addition to such other medical treatment as may be deemed advisable. The building is heated
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mortem clot. This heart clot seemed to explain the sudden death of the animal.
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findings were. Was that the commission's findings or
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are so frequently decimated, and that they are designated under the name of montagnes
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Vinton. — The epizooty prevails among horses, but no deaths have oc-
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1 1 opinion, become almost cavalier; it used to be that
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Private professional references furnished upon application. Physicians are invited to inspect the Institution at their
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7. In 1734 there were in Philadelphia, according to
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and in every instance from healthy children, with unquestionable
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in that country, called our attention to champs maudits (cursed, dreadful, or horrible
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7 understand us individuals bought some land down there
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13 identifiable group of people that were working on
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even pass 42°. This elevation begins to become manifest twenty-four to thirty-six
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disease, and 83 sheep affected with sheep-scab. Canada, 157 cargoes, of which 3 car-
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])ig No. 13 was found dead, frozen stiff, and the toes of one foot par-
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Illustration of the Calculi referred to by Dr. Claiborne.
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disease may have been contracted in this way is possible, but not at all
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and as a deodorant. Its application in surgery is unlimited.
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Notwithstanding the immense number of spores of bacteridia ingested by all the
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months past, as p. acct hereto annexed £1. 16. 0."
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same Crime, of whom one was found guilty of Manslaughter,
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15 recollection. You don't remember him expressing to
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Tennessee.— Registration after certificate on diploma
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which is a manifest proof that earth of a certain thickuess arrests all solid particles of
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9 my vantage point. 1 knew they weren't going to get
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ire of audio-visual instructional as possible the College Instruc-
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in the year 1800. Fifth Street, below Chestnut, eorner of
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St. Mary's Hospital Gazette London, v. 2, 1896. 8'=.
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perusal of it; which in several Companies he diverted him-
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The same pig afterward survived inoculation with the matter of an
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pression. For the class as a whole, all can see the large, projected lighted pictures
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us to emulate the example of all those, Thy servants,
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4 business that I might not have gone with him and sat