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second schedule thereto, the following provisions shall have effect :

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Lasater & Company with regard to the police radio

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16 business, heading which begins on the previous page,

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investment banking services." It's dated January 10,

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tors and by the students who easily learn its use. The

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DOSE.— One or two Teaspoonfuls three or more times a day. as dlreoted

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[etc.). 8°. I'aris, lt<f5. . The .same. 3. 6d. 8°.

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6 Miller is an accurate account of what you said to Pat

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ditions of debility where a supply of carbonaceous food is indicated, but where there is difficulty

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6 believe, that made one or two loans. But they were

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ination of the herds of Eastern calves owned respectively by Dr. J. E. Standley, in

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personnel because they knew more about equipment than

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Medical Society ; Fellow of the American Association

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20 they bought them for pre-retirement homes, if they

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lunte, pig Ko. 14 (it must be mentioned that pig 'No. 13 had to give up

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glands in general, the animal, if surviving, may regain its appetite and

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Brother George W. Kendrick, jr . . . . R. W. Grand Master

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Of the alteratives, Syrup Trifolium Compound, Syrup

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1 Mr. Burge, that the August 5th, 1980, extension and

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of the back. Internat. Encycl. Surg. (Ashhurst), N. Y.,

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[' Possessed of The Living Age and one or other of our vivacious American monthlies, a subscriber will

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1965. Gould, R. John, 441 Lombardy Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa. (19026)

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14 any member of the Arkansas state police commission in

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resonant sound, but auscultation will enable the practitioner to detect the nature and

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the pericardium; and all lymphatic, and particulai'ly tlie mesenteric,

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the disease, as will be seen from his report contained in this volume.

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The 12<th Annual Winter Session will begin Monday, Oct. 3d, 1892, at 12 M., and continue 7 months.

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Questions and Answers— ir'7//r// and I-oiolkes 94

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"I endorse it as a real food of great value." — E. Chancellor, M. 1)., St. Louis.

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which are accredited as extremely valuable in the treatment of Gout, Lithiasis and Liver Affec-

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