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Iowa State College of Agriculture and Mechanical Arts, Ames, June 17 to July 24

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Organized in 1880 for the special medical treatment of

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the United States, to wit, to violate Title 18, United States

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OSCAR E. SAMS, Jr., Office of Inter American Affairs

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Our group of upper-grade youngsters decided to do something about

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cooperation Protestant, Catholic, and Jewish clergymen.

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By direofcioLS of the Lord i>rcsideut, I immediately iusti-uotcd Mr. Duguid, one of the

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ition and distribution. Map reading skills and map use were never

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22 may rule on objections where the witness refuses to

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board of works have or had power to levy a main-drainage rate.

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that an old gentleman arrived in Philadelphia shortly

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contained rod-shaped forms resembling Bacillus subtilis, a few Bacteria

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1965. Delaney, William E., Ill, St. Vincent's Hosp., 170 W. 12th St., N.Y.C. (1001 1)

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19. Where it appears to the principal officer of Her Majesty's customs at a port,

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the affected part or organ may be restored nearly or fully to its normal

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For the grub, the same application of tobacco-juice will often relieve the animal.

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State and other local rights for sale on advantageous terms.

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These Capsules are put up in glass tubes, 100 in each tube, and can be obtained

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But the results of careful experiment showed the necessity for abandoning tills

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3 on the Governor's staff with regard to his loaning

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the booklet is referred to in an account of a "Special Meeting in Honor of

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the edge. While working on a or soft cloth and slightly dampened,

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film showing. In fairness to the children in their eagerness

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was dry and the visible mucous membranes very pale. Some dung,

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that is, when she was working in her — the room that

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16 allegation that Mr. Miller made during the hearing on

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phospho muriate of quinine, comp jhe CHAS. H. PHILLIPS CHEMICAL CO.

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upon the rapidity with which swine plague is spreading, than all othSr

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Hydrastis has been made a study in our laboratory, and we do not think we exaggerate its import-

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with other questionable methods, such as tempting by lower price, they bolster up

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gious or infectious disease, he shall be deemed guilty of an offense against this order,

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19 loaned Roger Clinton money with anybody other than

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to access their bank accounts, withdraw cash, and perform other

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ucation, and Welfare, Public Health Service, Health

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C6. A local authority may, if tliey think fit, cause to be slaughtered any animal that

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11(1 officials are predicting an even greater attendance for the conference next