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This statement of a well known medical writer and journalist has become axiomatic :

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vibriones. The iluid discharged from the eyes appears to contain similar bodies.

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less and non-toxic. Supplied in powder and liquid form.

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a pleasant and effective liquid laxative has long existed — 2

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Wayne. — Influenza, or as, some call it, epizooty, has attacked a great

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SUMC-New Orleans LSUMC-New Orleans D.Sc. Coll. -India India LSUMC-Shreveport

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ease) it appears that the interlobular tissue is composed of the same connective tissu e,

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R. A. t\ Penrose, J. M. DaCosta, Charles K. Mills, James Tyson, and Dr. Lawrence Turnbull; Professor Wil-

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and more fibrillated, the original walls of the lymph spaces are still to be distingirished

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mitted to the inspection of all the authorities within immediate reach, and all whij

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1 3 Schaffer and Mr. Schaffer were present at your house?

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the parts in the West from which these drafts were being made. The