Company Profile

It is now 25 years + when NATIONAL WATER ENGINEERING, a Private Limited company came into existence in 1987 as a joint venture with Mr. Gottfried Schmidth a Swedish process engineer to design, fabricate/construct and install water and wastewater treatment plant, primarily to recycle sewage to develop greenery and to treat industrial effluent either for re-use or discharge in conformity to EPA requirement. Thus the objectives of the company, in brief, are:-

  1. To survey water wastewater generation, both domestic and industrial being generated in Pakistan, specifically in the city.
  2. To study their characteristic
  3. To find out the suitability of wastewater for the purpose of irrigation, development of greenery etc; and accordingly develop cost effective, environment friendly treatment system/process;.
  4. To develop process regime keeping in view our conditions in Pakistan viz a-viz operational difficulty, wastewater characteristic, operator lack of responsibility, minimum use of mechanical equipment and low O&M cost.
  5. To develop equipment locally.
  6. To create awareness of re-using it for developing greenery.

The concept of recycling wastewater pioneered by the company was welcomed by relevant quarters with the result that the company since its inception and after the installation of first local plant in Pakistan in 1987 as a joint venture between the company and the client, was able to put up number of units for such prestigious organizations as DHA, KDA, CAA, AGA KHAN HOSPITAL,FFC, MARI GAS CO ETC.

With the experience so gained locally coupled with the available expertise the company is in a position to design and install all types of treatment plants ranging from chemical to biological system virtually for all types of industries and sanitary waste on turn key basis.

The company not only follows the international practice in designing a system but has modified them to suite our local conditions with the object of achieving lower investment and operating cost the company has further developed all components locally and is not dependent on any imported item with the obvious objective of achieving lower cost shorter installation time and in hand maintenance service. The company as such here not only the required expertise but also vast experience to design, construct, install and commission all types of STP without the assistance of our foreign associate/affiliates; while at the same time keeping in mind local conditions such as:

  1. Difficulty in getting spares.
  2. Operator lack of responsibility.
  3. Investment shyness for nonproductive work.

Other Relevant Information

This company like any other such companies the world over is wholly devoted to producing equipment for wastewater treatment/recycling, the operation and result of which the company takes full responsibility. It is almost the same as a buyer selects an AC/FRIG from a manufacturer, by only specifying his requirement. He relies on the credibility and experience of the supplier/manufacturer. It eliminates the need of consultant and thus reduces the over head cost of the project. We have as such done all the jobs on turn-key basis without any consultant.

The company, initially with the collaboration of its foreign associates, developed during the 20 years all the engineering and equipment locally, which has resulted in substantial cutting of cost as compared to any imported units. In fact with the experience gained in the field we have been able to modify the system to suit our local condition. That is we have done away with all moving parts, including the need for the noisy, expensive blower; thus cutting down on maintenance cost and also the time loss in replacing/repairing parts which could be very high in our country.